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Thread: Skyrim Music assistance!

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    Default Skyrim Music assistance!

    Hello everyone,

    I'm trying to expand my musical borders, and one of the places that I know next to nothing is in this(I don't even know the name of the style!):

    Skyrim opening theme, where they have what seems like hundreds of choir members singing while some epic music plays. I really like this style, especially the deep drums and horns in the background and the reverberating tone of the choir itself.

    Does this style have a name, or is it just tailor-made to Skyrim itself?

    Pandora is currently my best way of getting to know new music and bands. Are there any similar sites that would be better? What exactly would I put in as a 'seed' for a station if I wanted more of this style of music?


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    yeah i like it too have seen it and looks fascinating to me for so many singers are in proper sync...................

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