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    Default Wild Belle - Isles

    online listen
    some reggae influence
    which doesn't work with the airy vocals for me
    nothing I liked but five border lines
    1.2 from me and a converted 2.1 from allmusic

    web site -

    from the album - Keep You

    released Mar 12th, 2013

    Bio - from allmusic

    Brother-and-sister duo Wild Belle make folk-, dance-, reggae-, and psychedelic rock-tinged
    indie pop. The duo, Chicago-area natives Elliot and Natalie Bergman, grew up playing music,
    with Elliot eventually studying jazz saxophone at the University of Michigan. The siblings
    first started playing together around 2006 when Elliot invited Natalie to tour as a backup
    singer/percussionist with his Afro-pop band, NOMO. Then, in 2011, they began working on
    Natalie's songs and Wild Belle were born. A year later, they had released the single "Keep
    You," and were drawing label interest after a high-profile show at Austin's South by Southwest
    festival. In 2013, Wild Belle released their debut album, Isles, on Columbia.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    Wild Belle's 2013 debut album, Isles, features the band's catchy, laid-back mix of indie pop,
    reggae, and singer/songwriter soul. Centered around the brother and sister duo of Elliot and
    Natalie Bergman, the Chicago-based Wild Belle often utilize Elliot's funk and reggae leanings
    as the leader of the Afro-pop ensemble NOMO (with whom Natalie has also toured). However, with
    songs largely based around Natalie's love of soul and melodic '60s pop, Wild Belle have a less
    frenetic, if still hypnotically languid take on NOMO's world fusion sound. In that sense, Isles
    has a kind of sultry, post-Amy Winehouse retro-soul aesthetic that's lightened by the sibling's
    own positive-minded, dance club hippie vibe. Tracks like the languid "Keep You" and the buoyant
    "Shine" largely work to showcase Natalie's cherubic croon by surrounding it with fuzzy synths,
    echoey percussion, and Elliot's own rootsy saxophone lines. Elsewhere, cuts like the shimmery,
    hip-swaying “Twisted” and the old-school reggae-sounding “June” help make Isles the perfect
    summer afternoon album, designed for doing nothing in particular besides soaking up the good

    Track Listing

    1. Keep You
    2. It's Too Late
    3. Shine
    4. Twisted
    5. Backslider
    6. Happy Home
    7. Another Girl
    8. Love Like This
    9. When It's Over
    10. June
    11. Take Me Away
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    pleasant enough link MH...but i wouldnt go out my way to buy it

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