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    hello, I am new here. I have a pocket watch with a score on the dial. Actually, it is not a watch, just looks like one. The hand jumps every half second and can be stopped at will. The full revolution takes ten seconds (20 jumps).
    I wonder if any of you might have an idea what is the score and what the instrument might have been used for. There is no way to change the speed of the hand. The company who made it does not have a clue although acknowledges that it is theirs.

    ThanksPP Metron, SM.jpg

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    This is a simple melody comprised mostly of two triads. These triads , Eb Major and D minor, are not closely related and do not function well together, which leaves me to believe the purpose of this instrument is not for entertainment, but probably for tuning or other educational purposes.

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    I have a waterphone which detailed are given below.

    The Waterphone

    The video up top is of a waterphone. If you've seen a science fiction or horror movie in the last fifty years, then the dissonant sounds of the waterphone are almost guaranteed to have sent shivers down your spine at one point or another. Invented by Richard Waters in the late 1960s, the waterphone has been used in film scores and sound effects in movies as diverse asPoltergeist, The Matrix, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. And it's easy to hear why; this thing could seriously score your nightmares. Johan Söderqvist, who scored the 2008 version ofLet the Right One In, is just one of the countless composers who have found inspiration in the wibbly-wobbly warble of the waterphone

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