Hello all! Just joined this forum, so hopefully this post doesn't end up to be a party foul! I'm a big fan of jeffrey Foucault. When I stumbled across him way-back-when, it changed my musical world. Even better, i've had the chance to hang with him a number of times & he is pretty mild-mannered cool cat, which is always a nice bonus. Sucks when you meet someone you dig & they're a jerk! Anyway, he's got a kickstarter going with one of his project bands Cold Satellite. They only have 10 days left to hit their goal. This morning when I checked their pledge status & saw they are still a tad shy of a measly $15k & at the same time saw a kickstarter for some hipster, gimmick hoodie had over $368K in just 5 days, I was thoroughly irritated & decided to try a little harder to get the word out as much as possible! It's a dang hoodie...gives your soul nothing! Music on the other hand, especially creative, genuine music gives your soul food forever! Anyway, i'm just trying to help some music I really appreciate & value happen. These guys are actually real musicians & artists & unfortunately nowadays, they're the ones that have to scrap a lot more than the main-stream talentless hacks who have millions of $ at their disposal so they can spew garbage. I'm in no way affiliated with any of these guys other than listening to their music & having had the pleasure of sharing a pint or two with a few of 'em. Please check out the kickstarter & their other music & contribute if you feel led to. If nothing else, now you know of them if you didn't before & I guarantee you'll be adding their tunes to your music library as much as possible! Thanks ya'll & take care! (sorry again if this sorta post is a no,no!)