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    Default Javelin - Hi Beams

    online listen
    a few borderline likes
    certainly not the clip
    too out there for me
    1.3 from me and a converted 2.4 from allmusic

    from the album - Nnormal

    released Mar 5th, 2013

    Bio - from allmusic

    Formed in 2005 by cousins Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford, Brooklyn, New York-based indie
    electronic duo Javelin crafts funky, abstract, R&B-flavored pop with an emphasis on
    painstakingly re-created samples and loops. The band's 2009 self-released collection of demos
    (Jamz n Jemz) and pair of Thrill Jockey 12"s (Javelin, Number Two) were followed by its debut
    album, No Más, on the Luaka Bop label in 2010. The Western-influenced Canyon Candy EP followed
    one year later. To record its second album, the duo moved away from homemade sounds in favor of
    recording in a real studio and decided to write more traditionally verse-chorus songs that
    could be re-created on-stage with a band. The resulting album, Hi Beams, was released in early

    Album Review - from allmusic

    The duo of Tom Van Buskirk and George Langford have seemingly approached previous Javelin
    records as a chance to be as giddy and silly as possible while still creating intricate,
    sample-based electronic songs that have some real funk and bounce. 2010's No Mas was something
    of a sampledelic classic, inspiring nothing but smiles and lots of head-shaking-in-disbelief
    moments. It would be nice to report that 2013's Hi Beams was the same kind of experience, but
    it's not. The duo changed their ways and decided to leave the bedroom and hit a real studio,
    writing real songs and using real equipment. Songs that are made to be played in concert, by
    musicians and not two guys hidden behind laptops. While it could be seen as a cynical move
    designed to siphon off some of Passion Pit's more adventurous fans, in actuality the album
    works. The duo administer the same amounts of creativity and experimentation here, using lots
    of unique synth sounds, vocal treatments and quirky arrangements, only now the result is less
    silly and more serious. Turns out the guys are decent songwriters, too, with a bunch of tracks
    sounding radio-ready with sparkling verses and easy-to-sing-along-with choruses. "Light Out" is
    a rousing call to arms; "Airfield" is a glittery disco groover; "L'Ocean" has a super hooky
    stuttering beat, and the vocoder- and hip-hop-heavy ballad "Normal" is a low-key stunner. Along
    with the club-friendly jams, they drop in straightforward love songs like the very sweet
    "Drummachines," a song that sounds like ELO collaborating with Air ("City Pals"), a couple
    instrumentals that have some of the anything-goes spirit of their previous work ("Garth Hudson"
    and the very odd Jock Jams jam "Judgement Nite"), and a MGMT-meets-girl group track ("The
    Stars") to close the album with a sunny smile. Added up, it's a departure for sure, but it's a
    swerve that's easy to follow. It'd be a shame if Javelin never returned to the silly, sample-
    filled side of their sound, if they totally bought into the idea of being a real band only.
    Still, they do it quite well on Hi Beams, and really give Passion Pit a run for their money.
    Maybe they even steal most of it.

    Track Listing

    1. Light Out
    2. Nnormal
    3. Judgement Nite
    4. Airfield
    5. Friending
    6. l'Ocean
    7. Drummachines
    8. City Pals
    9. Garth Hudson
    10. The Stars
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    this one passed me by when you posted it....sorry man!

    i just wish when it passed me it kept on going instead of slowing down for a ride LOL

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