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Thread: Looking for artist/title a pop song (I tried to humm it - listen attachment)

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    Default Looking for artist/title a pop song (answered)

    UPDATE, a friend answered me in facebook so here I share the result:

    One T. & Cool T. - The Magic Key

    Hi all,

    there is a song that is making me crazy, can't remove it from my mind... I tried to humm it in Soundhound but it was not recognized...
    Tried to search lyrics it contains "tea" or "honesty" or "honestly" (not sure). Could not find it.

    I think it's from before 2009.

    I hummed it and recorded it, listen mp3in thr zip file:

    It's quite a popular one, I think many of you know it.

    Thank you very much for posting the artist/title.

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