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Thread: I'm Looking for a flute song

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    Default I'm Looking for a flute song

    I'm looking for a flute song that I'm listen to a few years ago. I uploaded a sample of it on youtube just to show for example.

    Ignore the pitch, the tune, and how the instruments (thatit's playing) sound like. I'm looking for the song that matches the rhythm of the first link and fits the description at the bottom.

    Description of what Instruments it plays:
    After I had a discussion with someone, that someone claims the kind of flute that I'm referring to is called a ocarina/pan pipe.
    And the vibraphones (in the song that I'm looking for) that I'm referring to sound very gentle and relaxing and I think they might be tubular bells or something
    Plus, it was playing some type of drums that sound like tribal drums/hand drums.
    A song that sounds like it makes you imagine/think of a jungle

    The Vibraphones that I’m referring to sound just like the ringing sounds from this song made by an artist called “Mike Oldfield” (Song: Tubular Bells)

    The Flute and the Drums (from the Song I’m looking for) that I’m referring to sound just like this kind of flute and drums from this song:

    Try Imagining the rhythm from the Video clip that I've uploaded with the sound of flute, vibraphones (tubular bells) and drums from those two song. Maybe that will help.

    To be honest, I don't know if it's from an anime or a video game or from a soundtrack, so I'm assuming that it might be from either one. So I'm sorry that I can't give you enough info. Because when I first heard it from youtube on an amv video clip, it didn't leave any info about the song at all. Not even the name of the artist, the genre, the soundtrack, or anything. So allI can do is show a sample and describe what the instruments that it plays.
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    nobody here knows the answer
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    Well, I guess I'll have to keep it as a good memory then. Thank you for your time. Could you do me a favor, please? If this isn't too much to ask, could you please close this thread? Thank you.

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