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    Default How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion

    online listen
    Trent Reznor's latest trip
    taking his wife and Sigur Ross along
    electronic to my ears
    not my thing but it may be yours
    1.0 from me and a converted 2.4 from allmusic

    from the album - Keep It Together

    released Mar 5th, 2013


    Named after a 1984 Coil single, How to Destroy Angels features Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor,
    former West Indian Girl singer (and Reznor's wife) Mariqueen Maandig, and Atticus Ross. Work on
    the project began a few months after Nine Inch Nails' final show in September 2009, and the
    following spring, the group made their debut with the digital single A Drowning and a video for
    the song “The Space in Between,” which premiered on that May. Soon after, the
    band made their self-titled debut EP -- which was produced by Ross, also NIN’s longtime co-
    producer -- available as a free download. That July, How to Destroy Angels was released on CD
    through the Null label. In 2011, the group contributed a cover of Bryan Ferry's "Is Your Love
    Strong Enough" to the soundtrack of the David Fincher film The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,
    which Reznor scored. The following year, How to Destroy Angels prepared their second release,
    An Omen EP, which became their first major-label recording that fall. A full-length album
    called Welcome Oblivion appeared in March 2013, just after Reznor announced he was planning to
    take a new version of Nine Inch Nails on the road in 2014.

    Album Review

    Anybody who paid attention to Trent Reznor's post-Nine Inch Nails project How to Destroy
    Angels' two EPs would not be shocked by the coolly meditative nature of their full-length
    debut, Welcome Oblivion, but if there happens to be a NIN fan coming to this 2013 LP cold --
    odds aren't great, but stranger things have happened -- they're likely to be shocked by how
    aggressive this album isn't. This isn't to say Welcome Oblivion is an ambient album or a record
    consumed with solipsistic navel-gazing. Rather, How to Destroy Angels frees Reznor to explore
    quiet, intricately textured territory with the assistance of longtime collaborator Atticus Ross
    and vocalist Mariqueen Maandig, who also is Reznor's wife. Given Reznor's close connections
    with Maandig and Ross, it's possible some listeners may view this as a Trent vehicle where his
    bandmates are nothing more than sidemen, but How to Destroy Angels is a true collaboration,
    with Reznor and Ross sculpting the tracks to fit Maandig's soft, insinuating tones. At times,
    the interplay recalls vintage Tricky stripped of menace. HTDA certainly has drama and flirts
    with ominous overtones, but ultimately they're not a threatening lot; they're enjoying the
    process of creation too much to threaten. Nothing stays stationary on Welcome Oblivion -- even
    the quietest moments have things percolating in the background, and when a torrent of sound is
    unleashed, it isn't a mere deluge; there is definition, the empty spaces accentuating either
    the noisy squiggles or the shimmering, insinuating melodies. And make no mistake, Welcome
    Oblivion does have its share of melody, as this isn't merely a collection of sounds: there are
    songs here, some as tight as the defiantly new wave "How Long?," and others as elliptical as
    the skeletal "Ice Age" -- each are distinguished by their exquisite details and slow,
    ingratiating melodies. Welcome Oblivion is not an album that comes on forcefully, and by many
    measures, it's the most measured record of Reznor's career, yet it's also his most melodic,
    showing that this former angry young man has a design to grow old gracefully.

    Track Listing

    1. The Wake-Up
    2. Keep It Together
    3. And the Sky Began to Scream
    4. Welcome Oblivion
    5. Ice Age
    6. On the Wing
    7. Too Late, All Gone
    8. How Long?
    9. Strings and Attractors
    10. We Fade Away
    11. Recursive Self-Improvement
    12. The Loop Closes
    13. Hallowed Ground
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    Not a big fan of trent or NiN so my ears wont let me hear this one

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