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Thread: Help! I'm searching a song with video clip description

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    Unhappy Help! I'm searching a song with video clip description

    This is from late 90s I think maybe even 2000s. I can't remember the tune but I remember the video clip. It was kind of melancholic clip. Weather was grey and video was desaturated. In the video camera was moving really fast through village, town, lakeside, higland images and sometimes just stop for a while to enjoy the frozen scenes then continue moving fast. Scenes looked like maybe something from Ireland, Iceland or Scotland. I've seen it twice on MTV, it might have been in foreign language but I don't remember. I was gonna look it up but I delayed it everytime until I compeletly forgot the song but the desire of looking it up only grow greater. I don't care if it was a good or bad song now I just want to find it. I hope someone here knows it.

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    nobody even have an idea?

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