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    Default BOY - Mutual Friends

    online listen
    says 2011 but just now on US release list
    Tegan and Sara type of thing I guess
    billed as a duo but I rarely hear the other voice
    a couple I liked but I think the clip is the single
    1.5 from me and a converted 2.4 from allmusic

    from the album - Little Numbers

    released Feb 26th, 2013

    Bio - from allmusic

    Female singer/songwriter duo BOY are based in Hamburg, Germany. Singer Valeska Steiner (who is
    originally from Zurich, Switzerland) and musician Sonja Glass met in 2005 at Hamburg's
    Hochschule für Musik und Theater (University of Music and Theater) and formed the band in 2007.
    After playing numerous concerts, the group was noticed by Herbert Grönemeyer, who signed the
    duo to his Grönland label in 2011. After the release of an acoustic EP titled Hungry Beast,
    BOY's folk-pop debut album, Mutual Friends, hit the stores in September 2011, entering the
    German album charts at number 14 and even reaching the top spot of the Amazon sales charts.
    Their single "Little Numbers," which charted at number 65, was featured in the movie Kein Sex
    Ist Auch Keine Lösung, in the TV comedy series Knallerfrauen, and in the Lufthansa spot
    "Nonstop You." In 2012, BOY released Acoustic Session, which featured the duo performing live
    acoustic versions of songs off Mutual Friends.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    The debut album from Hamburg, Germany-based singer/songwriter duo BOY, 2011's Mutual Friends,
    is a melodic, often introspective album grounded in the group's poignant, emotionally resonant,
    female-centric point of view. Centered around the talents of Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass,
    BOY are ostensibly a folk-pop duo, but with backing from a handful of keyboardists, guitarists,
    and drummers -- including, on a few tracks, Phoenix's Thomas Hedlund -- they find a nice
    balance between the lightly experimental, catchy pop of Feist and the more twee-confessional
    style of Regina Spektor. What helps BOY rise above their similarly inclined female
    contemporaries is their knack for memorable pop songcraft that moves from the intimate, minor-
    key sound of cuts like "Railway" to more breezy, radio-ready tracks such as the cheekily titled
    '70s pop of "Oh Boy." With shimmering melodic lines and a pleasant, natural production
    approach, many of the songs on Mutual Friends find an immediate home in your ears that's as
    cozy as it is bittersweet. Part of this is due to Steiner and Glass' gift for writing lyrics
    that seem to capture what life is like for many women in their twenties. There is a recurring
    theme of newly discovered female freedom and sexual identity on the album that finds BOY
    thinking about such universally relatable "firsts" as getting an apartment ("This Is the
    Beginning"), working a day job ("Waitress"), falling in love ("Little Numbers"), and leaving
    home ("Drive Darling"). In the last example, Steiner sings "The trunk is filled with records
    and books and chairs and clothes/I'm smiling on the surface/I'm scared as hell below," and,
    later, "Good morning freedom, good night lullabies." Whether saying goodbye to a lover, or a
    parent, or perhaps even falling in love with each other, this BOY is forever on the cusp of
    becoming a woman.

    Track Listing

    1. This Is The Beginning
    2. Waitress
    3. Army
    4. Little Numbers
    5. Drive Darling
    6. Railway
    7. Waltz For Pony
    8. Boris
    9. Oh Boy
    10. Skin
    11. Silver Streets
    12. July
    13. Little Numbers (Acoustic)
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    your linked track was okay IMO, nothing exceptional least theres no semi naked chicks running round and gyrating etc etc

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    I love Female singer/songwriter duo BOY.

    Maradona ( Clubvegas999 )

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