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Thread: THE PINE HOLLOWS "something my heart understands"

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    Default THE PINE HOLLOWS "something my heart understands"

    THE PINE HOLLOWS "something my heart understands"

    cant find nothing on these guys on or even im in the dark here!!!!
    allmusic says "sounds like:elvis costello/pretenders"...i disagree, cant really hear either of
    those two artists in this one, but i do hear a fair bit of McCartney-esque sounds on most tracks,
    mainly from his "mccartney/ram" period of the early 1970s...but not vocally, just in the
    melodies,and overall sound... the vocals here ound a bit nasally to say the least(unless it
    was the headset which made it appear like that...
    infact it was Dani who picked up on the Macca sounds and not me..
    all up though, not a bad album...a score of 1.7 from me here, and on my list to buy!

    from the album:

    "how can you tell her" video

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    they could be brother and sister, twins
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