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Thread: SALLIE FORD & THE SOUND OUTSIDE "untamed beast"

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    Default SALLIE FORD & THE SOUND OUTSIDE "untamed beast"

    SALLIE FORD & THE SOUND OUTSIDE "untamed beast"

    never heard of Sallieor her Alaskan cohorts before,
    thought the cover art looked interesting so i gave this one a go...
    first thoughts that entered my mind were "this is very
    White Stripes sounding" lots of genres thrown together
    to create something different, and theyre all here, jazz,
    blues,r+r,rockabilly type stuff, its all intergrated(often on a
    single track), but it doesnt sound forced, sounds okay IMO,
    love Sallie's bluesy type vocals also, very sultry in places like
    Amy does at times,but without the extensive vocal range Amy possesses.
    all up, not a bad album so 1.7 from me, and added to my list of future purchases
    for 2013....

    from the album:

    "they told me" audio

    "allmusic" bio:
    Combining elements of jazz, R&B, and rock & roll -- all during the early stages of their development -- and fusing it with a contemporary energy and swagger, Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside are a Portland, Oregon-based quartet who've earned an impressive following in their hometown and made some influential fans, including the Avett Brothers, who've championed the combo and taken them on the road with them.
    Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sallie Ford was raised in Asheville, North Carolina and came from a creative family; her father Hobey Ford is a celebrated puppet artist and her mother is a music teacher. While Sallie learned to play guitar and violin as a child, and enjoyed singing as a teenager, she found herself intimidated by the artistic path followed by her parents and siblings (both of whom were involved in the performing arts), and has described herself as "the weird one" in the family. That changed when Ford moved to Portland in 2006 after dropping out of college; influenced by Cat Power, the Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Tom Waits, Ford developed greater confidence in her vocal abilities and began appearing at open mike nights at local clubs. In 2008, she crossed paths with bassist Tyler Tornfelt and drummer Ford Tennis, two friends from Alaska who had been making music together for years and had recently relocated to Portland. Ford discovered she was simpatico with Tornfelt and Tennis, and they began performing together as a trio; when guitarist Jeffrey Munger heard them while playing for change on the street, he liked what he heard and soon volunteered his services, and Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside's lineup was complete.
    Later in 2008, the combo self-released an EP, Not an Animal, and word of mouth and positive press helped to make them a top attraction in the Pacific Northwest. When a friend of the band told Seth Avett of the Avett Brothers to give Ford & the Sound Outside a listen, he did and liked what he heard, inviting them to open for the Avetts for a string of West Coast dates, further spreading the word about the act. In 2010, Partisan Records struck a deal with the band, and Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside's first full-length album, Dirty Radio, was released in May 2011. A second full-length, Untamed Beast, followed early in 2013.

    "allmusic" album review:
    Sallie Ford is the real deal. With a voice that can belt, soothe, caress, and flat-out spit sass, attitude, and raw street emotion, she sounds like some sort of dream cross between Ella Fitzgerald and Janis Joplin, and her band, which includes Jeffrey Munger on guitar, Tyler Tornfelt on bass, and Ford Tennis on drums, has evolved from the swing rock of the group's debut full-length, 2011's Dirty Radio, into a solid garage rock outfit that snarls, prowls, and shouts right along with her. The album was recorded with Adam Landry and Justin Collins at Jackpot! Studios in the band's hometown of Portland, Oregon, and it sounds and feels like a big step forward for Ford, who, on songs like the raging and rocking "They Told Me," the stubborn and insistent "Party Kids," the jazzy ballad "Shivers," and "Devil," which is full of bad-girl swagger and rockabilly strut, she shakes off her influences and becomes a force all on her own. Ford is a rare talent and, for now at least, she's got the right band and seems headed in the right direction, not that Untamed Beast is a transitional album. It's a full-tilt arrival.

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    gave the clip a listen
    agree, White Stripes sound
    toured with Avetts, strange pairing
    must be the North Carolina connection
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