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Thread: What are u folks listening too??

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    Thumbs up What are u folks listening too??

    Hey guys what r u listening to?

    Im listening to this new cute girl on youtube called ( Inia Cherie ) and some great other tracks...

    So share your toughts ppl


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    Dany already beat you to it with this post

    I listened on the radio today a new song... which is called ( Inia Cherie ) :) its soo catchy and good lol

    you guys need to coordinate your advertising
    oh wait, you're the same person
    how many user names do you have?
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    I am working on a basketball slide show. I am needing music to put with it. I have "Hall of Fame" by the script and "Good Time" by Owl City. I need more music like this. No Rap or old songs. I want up to date songs that high school kids would like.

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