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Thread: ANDERS & KENDALL "wild chorus"

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    Default ANDERS & KENDALL "wild chorus"

    ANDERS & KENDALL "wild chorus"

    allmusic/wikki/amazon etc have nothing on these guys so im assuming that they
    are a new band,possibly this is their debut set but not sure???
    i thought some of these tracks had a distinct Avett Borthers feel to them,
    others had a touch of the 'jingle-jangle' sound of The Byrds, but in a modern
    alternative/country-esque way...
    three tracks on here i didnt like but still have potentail to grow on me
    overtime,several-i had no real opinion but they were okay, and the rest
    were genuine likes,
    all up not a bad album by any means so a pass mark of 1.8 seems appropriate
    here for this one...and luckily my favourite track here is the only one
    available on youtube and also happens to be the album's lead off single
    so enjoy this one guys...

    from the album:

    "we're on fire babe" video

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    nice song
    even a nice video
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