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    online listen
    comes close
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    1.4 from me and a converted 2.1 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Good Times

    released Feb 12th, 2013

    Bio - from allmusic

    Born in Huntington Beach, California, in 1982, Matt Costa received his first guitar at age 12.
    While he was always interested in music, even playing in a band in high school, Costa's first
    love was skateboarding. His dreams of going pro came crashing to an end, however, when he
    seriously injured his leg in a skateboarding accident at 18. During his year-and-a-half-long
    rehabilitation period, Costa decided to refocus his energy on songwriting and guitar playing,
    and began using a four-track to make demos. One of these demos found its way to No Doubt
    guitarist Tom Dumont, who liked what he heard so much that he offered to produce Costa's music,
    and soon they had recorded two independently released EPs, Matt Costa and The Elasmosaurus, as
    well as a full-length early version of Songs We Sing. These caught the ear of Brushfire Records
    owner Jack Johnson, who was impressed by the young musician's work and signed Costa to his
    label and invited him to open his 2005 summer tour. In 2006, Costa's official major-label
    debut, Songs We Sing (slightly different from the 2005 indie version), was released. Unfamiliar
    Faces arrived in 2008, followed by Mobile Chateau in 2010. In 2013, Costa returned with an
    orchestral and '70s AM pop-influenced self-titled album.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    Singer/songwriter Matt Costa's self-titled 2013 album follows up his '60s pop-inflected 2010
    effort, Mobile Chateau. Where his previous album found the often Anglophile-leaning artist
    imbuing his melodic pop with a kind of low-key psychedelia, here Costa keeps the old-school
    vibe going, but colors it with a softer, often '70s AM pop radio approach. That means we get a
    bit of country twang, some juicy organ sounds, and lots of shiny string and horn parts
    throughout the album. Cuts like rambling opener "Loving You" and the sparkling "Shotgun" bring
    together a mix of T. Rex's glitter rock and the pre-disco-era orchestral pop of Electric Light
    Orchestra. Elsewhere, the late-afternoon melancholy of "Early November" and the equally as
    ruminative folk-inflected "Laura Lee," with their gold dust-covered vinyl aesthetic, sound like
    long lost Donovan songs. However, Costa is not merely a retro stylist; his songs are always
    personal, yet universally relatable with evocative, poetic lyrics that seem to come from a
    place deep in his soul. On "Shotgun" he sings "I tried to find my own way in the books that I
    read/Found all my favorite authors, they're dead/Sometimes in your life you're gonna walk in a
    room/Everyone's invited but you." But perhaps Costa sums up the album's appeal best on "Loving
    You," as he croons "Loving you is not hard to do/We're always gonna make it through/You've got
    my attention/Here's my affection for you." With Matt Costa, Costa definitely has our attention
    and earns our affection.

    Track Listing

    1. Loving You
    2. Early November
    3. Eyes for You
    4. Good Times
    5. Shotgun
    6. Clipped Wings
    7. Laura Lee
    8. Silver Sea
    9. Ophelia
    10. Golden Cathedrals
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    i like your featured song "good times"

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