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    Hi guys, Im just starting to Dj a bit more professionally, not making much money but playing in small bars and parties etc. I need to get some promo materia done, like posters, flyers, stickers etc and I was wondering if anyone here could help me out with getting started, like is there decent free software I could get? Cant afford Photoshop so i went to the mac app store and theres a few ok looking ones, like Pixelmator, iSTudio Publisher so just wondering if anyone has got any experience using these? Or should I just leave it and get someone else to do it if i havent done this sort of stuff before? Cant pay much tho thats the problem Also I need to get some prints done, I googled and found a few, f.e. print24 who do stickers etc other stuff i need, anyone know if theyre good?

    Any tips welcome! thanks guys
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