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Thread: Mixing Feedback -- Jerome, where are you?

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    Default Mixing Feedback -- Jerome, where are you?

    Hey all,

    As my band started to mix the last track before finishing our album, our go-to mixing guy flaked out. So, I have taken over mixing, but have the issue of not having appropriate mixing speakers. That's on the horizon, when I have more dinero, but at the moment it's a bit much for my pocketbook. Anyway, things have been going well so far, but I've had to consistently switch between sets of speakers to get an objective perspective on levels. Soooooo......I was wondering if some of you might chime in on this. What do you think this mix needs for improvement? I'll say right from the get-go that there is a problem with the volume automation on the bass track. I don't know what it is, but I already know that needs fixing, as well as a few pops here and there.

    Please Help, and THANK YOU!

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    the song is not really my cup of tea Nick, but i can still appreciate the time,effort and talent that has gone in to it...i just hope Jerome makes a speedy return to the site to give you some of his technical expertise advice...

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    Tried this link but it comes up with an error. Repost when you get a chance and I will have a listen.
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