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    What does music mean to you?

    what does it symbolise, does it mean freedom to you? is it a expressive motion? does it change your mood? is it a way that you can get away from everything that annoys you in the world? is it a way you can let frustration out against something with out actually doing it? does it give you a peace of mind that one can only find within your musical world?

    lots of questions, i know. just trying to get peoples imaginations going

    why do you listen to music?

    me? music to be is like a new canvas in my mind that lets me spread me thoughts and feelingings out on it, if im angry i shower the kanves with red and some heavy metal, if a good mood, some smooth jazz colored blue.

    everytime i switch off the kanvas disappears, only to be brought back to life when i put my headphones on again.

    hope that doesnt make me seem to strange.

    so please ansawer as honestly as you can. i will be waiting for responces with great anticipation.

    kind regards, Syn

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    It lifts my mood but really I suppose I just feel more like 'me' when I'm listening to music than any other time.

    ....and you're no stranger than the rest of us.

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    Good question, and one that I'm going to struggle to answer.

    For me music is usually an attempt to convey emotion or ideas. Consequently, listening is an exercise to "uncover" the artists intention, and identify to some extent with it. Almost like a meditative process.

    Of course that's not all it is, since along the way music has the ability to thrill with its' creativity, or invention, or enthusiasm.

    Music is at its' most powerful when something makes me sit up & think "Wow", and it conveys an idea or sound that I've never heard before.

    It's also a journey of exploration to try and home in on artists that are likely to deliver some or all of the above.

    Hope this answers the question, but of course it's going to be different for everyone...

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    I listen to and enjoy music for many reasons. Like any art form I connect to it sometimes on a spiritual level (if that's the right term). It can reinforce a mood or help me escape. It can comfort me. Sometimes it stimulates my intellect.

    Most of the time the rhythm and melody just sync with my body/wavelength/mode to make me feel good.

    As much as I like other art forms like film, photography, architecture, etc nothing affects me quite like music. I think it is because music affects me physically first and then the rest follows.

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    In addition to all the above fine answers, I use music as a tool: If I'm feeling semi-bluesy, to accelerate that so I can get emotional junk out of my system. Usually involves dancing and/or tears.

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