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Thread: Scandinavian Lo-Fi duo Cannon Beach

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    Default Scandinavian Lo-Fi duo Cannon Beach

    Cannon Beach is a alternative folk duo based in Scandinavia, and sounds like, ehm, Nick Drake's unborn child with Kevin Shields and Phil Elverum (Don't ask how that went down). We started last fall, and have already recorded an album that was released recently (31.01.2013). We would love it if you would give it a listen! We would maybe recommend Loki, Pink Lune or Hotel Earle as first listens :)

    If you want any other information just reply! :)

    Yours Sincerely

    Cannon Beach

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    listened to the three tracks you recommended above...not keen on "loki" or "pink lune" but "hotel earle" seems okay to me, nothing really earthshatteringly original going on IMO, just a mix of old sounds from the early 1980s IMO...

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