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Thread: Need a bit of help expanding my musical boundaries!

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    Default Need a bit of help expanding my musical boundaries!

    Hello all,

    Recently I've been getting tired of the same old folk songs over and over playing on my computer. I'm looking to expand and find bands that focus on folk/historical flavory music.

    Some examples of what I already have:

    97th Regimental Band(an American Civil War band)
    Wolfe Tones(Irish Folk, mostly about how evil the British were)
    The Jolly Rogers(as one may guess, pirate music)

    I'd prefer to stay away from American new folk, like Mumford and Sons. They're pretty good, but a little too whiney and sad for my tastes. I like the upbeat, fast music.

    In particular, anything that includes:


    Would be awesome. I've tried searching google but it always seems to cough up the same old bands I've already seen. I figure the ones that I'm looking for wouldn't have any sort of advertising ability(I picked up the 97th CD from my civil war reenacting. Before that, I had no idea that music genre even existed).

    That's about it. Oh, anti-folk's a no-no. Andrew Jackson Jihad, for example, is the epitome of whiney, depressing music. At least, in my personal opinion.

    Also I've heard good things about someone called Sandy Brechin? The videos on youtube are wonderful music, but I can't seem to find anything about CD's or whatnot.

    Bonus points if your music is listed on Pandora! It's my main source of finding new music so far, but it's been letting me down lately on the folk front.

    Any ideas?

    Cheers all,

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    There should be something in here you'll like:

    Tiger Moth - (England)
    Capercaillie - (Scotland)
    Real Ones - (Norway)
    Four Men & a Dog - (Ireland)
    Laura Love Band - (USA)
    Spirit of the West - (Canada)
    Stephen Fearing - (Canada)
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