My name is Graham Gawthorpe. I have been playing/performing/recording music since I was 7 years old. I began playing the cello for 9 years until I switched to guitar. I play drums/percussion + keys on the side, nothing too serious with that though. I am from chicago IL and have recently moved to florida to attend Full Sail University to Persue my dreams in music. I am here to receive my Bachelor's degree in recording arts and production. I have a youtube channel and a soundcloud which I have recently made to help promote my music. If you are interested in checking some of my work out I do a huge variety of different types of music starting from folk/guitar/singing to dubstep/trap. I love all types of music. I will post a few examples of how my music varies.

If you are interested in supporting me please subscribe to my soundcloud and youtube! I look forward to getting to know some of you guys and hope to find some cool music to follow on this forum.

Youtube channel:

My Soundcloud:

My latest track:

To show you my wide variety of music I will post one video from each genre I have created. (All original)



Spacy Acoustic (Pink floyd type music)


Acoustic (Beatles type music)

Those are just a few examples of music I have created. I have many more on soundcloud and youtube if you like those be sure to check out the others and subscribe!