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Thread: The Double Bass Section

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    Default The Double Bass Section

    This is a whole idea I have just thought off while taking my morning shower.

    The Concept
    An orchestra performing in an open air concert, with the opening shoot showing an orchestra performing. Then the camera goes to the Double Bass section. 2 gentlemen in particular where the clips can come from. Now imagine they are performing with the rest of the orchestra. The camera is now focused on them performing, and one turn to the other and say's "Fancy a smoke?", all while performing, and the other says "Yeah alright". So one leans to the floor and turns up a prerecording on them playing. Obviously we would need to hear them turn it up and then slowly they can stop playing, and very gently they put down their basses and go for a smoke. Clip ends showing the orchestra carrying on the performance. Then with Music Discussion Advert brought to you by it's members.

    Carrying on the idea
    You see, we could actually film a series of small clips. Easy to do, we need 2 men dressed in tuks, my dad can supply the Double Basses, and we need a CD of some open air concerts (itunes or Virgin Megastore). To make it really look good, maybe a female playing a cello sitting in front. A background would need to be white, ideally curved to represent the side of the stage. But this would be easy to start with, and develop some small clips before attempting a larger clip as discussed in the brainstorming?

    But quite honestly, we could also replicate classic older clips into the Double Bass section clips. If we can agree on 3 or 4 funny sketches, then I will be happy to write a script and maybe get something started.
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    Sounds OK to me, Anthony.

    Could we also incorporate a double-bass player inadvertently starting to play the wrong loud section whilst the rest of the orchestra start their quiet movement ?? (Only joking !!)

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