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    Default Swing Out Sister - Private View

    online listen
    not familiar with the groups work, so a remake album seemed fair game
    now I'm not sure what to think
    I thought they were a pop band, but this is more jazz vocals to me
    singer has a Dionne Warwick feel
    can't say I liked anything, but four borderlines
    1.2 from me and a converted 2.1 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - You On My Mind

    released Jan 29th, 2013

    bio - from allmusic

    Although Swing Out Sister's music is unashamedly commercial pop, their impeccable indie
    credentials (keyboardist Andy Connell and drummer Martin Jackson were formerly of A Certain
    Ratio and Magazine, and singer Corrine Drewery had no professional experience at all before
    joining), jazz-tinged arrangements, and knack for clever hooks move them closer to the indie
    dance territory of St. Etienne or late period Everything but the Girl than to the cookie-cutter
    dance-pop of Kylie Minogue or Paula Abdul.

    Connell and Jackson formed Swing Out Sister in their hometown of Manchester, England, in 1985
    as a studio-based partnership set to refine the jazzy funk of A Certain Ratio and Magazine's
    quirky reimaginings of old-fashioned middle-of-the-road pop. Nottingham-born singer Drewery
    joined the duo just in time for their first single, "Blue Mood," in late 1985. That single
    didn't do much, but the follow-up, "Breakout," was a Top Ten hit in Great Britain and Japan in
    the fall of 1986. The trio belatedly completed debut album It's Better to Travel in 1987; its
    U.S. release scored a pair of hits with "Breakout" and "Twilight World." Jackson demoted
    himself to partial contributor on 1989's Kaleidoscope World, which emphasized the remaining
    duo's debt to lush '60s pop by hiring the legendary Jim Webb to arrange and conduct the
    orchestra. Though the singles "You on My Mind" and "Waiting Game" were U.K. hits, the album
    didn't attract much attention in the U.S. In Japan, however, both albums were big enough hits
    that a special Japan-only collection of remixes, Another Non-Stop Sister, was released in late
    1989, followed by the similar Swing 3 in 1990, which also collected early B-sides and other
    rare tracks.

    Released in 1992, Get In Touch With Yourself returned Drewery and Connell (Jackson had by this
    time bowed out completely) to the U.S. and U.K. charts with their cover of Barbara Acklin's "Am
    I the Same Girl," a '60s pop hit based on the famous instrumental "Soulful Strut" by Young-Holt
    Unlimited. The single was even bigger in Japan, where Swing Out Sister were by this time one of
    the most popular acts in the country. Another remix compilation, Swing Out Singles, and a live
    album, Live at the Jazz Cafe, were released in Japan that year. After 1994's The Living Return
    failed to chart in Great Britain, the U.K. office of Mercury Records put out 1996's The Best of
    Swing Out Sister but failed to release 1997's Shapes and Patterns, 1999's Filth and Dreams, or
    2001's Somewhere Deep in the Night in the duo's native country -- this despite Swing Out
    Sister's continued success in Japan and a devoted cult following in the U.S. and Europe. EMI
    was the worldwide label for 2004's Where Our Love Grows. Live in Tokyo appeared a year later,
    followed in 2008 by Beautiful Mess, the group's ninth studio album. In 2010, Swing Out Sister
    issued Private View, a new album that was available exclusively through their Facebook page.
    The year 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of the band's debut album, It's Better to Travel,
    which was reissued as a deluxe two-disc set. Later that year, Private View (with two bonus
    tracks) saw CD release through normal distribution channels.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    Private View is an aural celebration of Swing Out Sister's 25th anniversary, and features
    completely rearranged versions of some of the best known tunes in its catalog. Lots of acts try
    this; more often than not the result is a mixed bag at best and an utter failure at worst. Not
    this time. Vocalist and composer Corrine Drewery and keyboardist/arranger/composer Andy Connell
    (the two remaining members of the original group) appear here with a backing quintet that
    includes Tim Cansfield on guitar, Gina Foster on backing and duet vocals, Jody Linscott on
    percussion, Dan Swana on upright bass, and Noel Langley on flügelhorn, to completely revision
    these tracks in what amounts to a brand new next step worthy of being called the band's first
    new studio offering since 2008's brilliant Beautiful Mess. While it's obvious that Private View
    will appeal largely to SOS' devoted fan base, it shouldn't be limited to it. Some of these
    versions, in particular "Notgonnachange," "Incomplete Without You," and "Mama Didn't Raise No
    Fool," are all jazz-based pop gems with elegant, breezy arrangements; Drewery's voice is so
    singular and original in its phrasing, and classy and soulful in its delivery, it remains
    undiminished by time. The gorgeous late-night club cover of Thom Bell's and Bobby Hart's soul
    classic "La La Means I Love You"-- intro'ed and outro'ed by languid, sexy groove-based themes
    -- is worth the album's purchase price by itself. The new version of SOS' first smash
    "Breakout" is subtitled "(Fabulous Party Mix)," and is a deliberate attempt at humor. Rather
    than the celebratory dancefloor pop of the original, this one is a midtempo ballad full of
    lilting strings, shimmering keyboards, and shuffling percussion that is more tempered, sure,
    but also more emotionally resonant. While Private View may be an atypical introduction to Swing
    Out Sister, it's still a fine one for beginners. For fans, it's an absolutely essential
    addition to the catalog. [The Japanese version of the album is entitled Private View +2 and
    contains the additional cuts "Love Will Not Let You Down," and "Get in Touch with Yourself."

    Track Listing

    1. Incomplete Without You
    2. You on My Mind
    3. It May Not Be Enough (Interlude)
    4. La La Means I Love You
    5. And the Flowers Will Grow (Interlude)
    6. Am I the Same Girl
    7. Notgonnachange
    8. Breakout (Fabulous Party Mix)
    9. Mama Didnt Raise No Fool
    10. Now Youre Not Here (Taj Calder Instrumental)
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    this was their biggest hit over here....

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    had 10 singles chart entries in the UK between 86-92..."breakout" #4, "surrender" #7, no other top 10 hits, their debut album reached #1 though,thanks to those two hits...

    see full UK chart entries here

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    I like that one
    and I had never heard it

    now here's the one from this album
    as you'll hear, not even close
    it was one of my borderlines, but I like yours better

    “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.”
    Will Rogers

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    yeh, crap version mate...doncha hate it when they do that to songs

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