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Thread: Fantasy Band Names

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    Default Fantasy Band Names

    I've often wondered what I'd call my band if I had any musical talent, and actually had a band.

    Haven't ever managed to come up with anything strong, although my favourite is The Grey Areas. I like this because it reflects my view that despite most people feeling that life, issues, morals etc can be seen as "black & white", actually these things are nearly always differing shades of grey.

    I seem to live my life occupying these grey areas, considering issues from many differing perspectives, and don't really like black & white thinking.

    So, that's my lame fantasy band name, what can anyone else come up with ???

    A to the best suggestion...

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    Good explanation
    I like it

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    I'm the bassist in my band, and i also came up with the name. We do punk rock as well as metal/death metal, yes it sounds weird, but we don't really have an audience atm, we just play it because we enjoy it, and our band name is "White Walls" i thought this was good because it doesn't really apply to a specific genre, and it (kind of) has a background to it, walls being white, might mean that we're unsure, yet unpredictable, but that has nothing to do with why it's our name, just because it sounded good. :P

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