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    ON AN ON "give in"

    cant find any info on these guys, no reviews of this one neither...
    i guess alt/pop would be what the pro's would call it,
    light touches of psuedo-psychadelia also,
    unfortunately for these guys they must think that
    the use of the vocorder is revolutionary, sorry, but it isnt, it is
    an annoying little piece of trickery that i despise with a passion.
    there are only three tracks here that i can honestly say are okay,
    the rest, well, theyre all too much of a muchness, and for
    artists to grab my attention they need some variation in their sound
    not a good album at all IMO, although there would certainly be a market
    for it,especially on those modern FM-digital radio stations that
    cater to juvenilles...of which i am not.
    rating: 1.5 or 5/10

    from the album:

    "the hunter" video

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    didn't care for that clip
    first time I remember hearing a vocoder was Peter Frampton
    everybody was saying how cool it was
    I was like"WTF?"
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