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    Default JIMBO MUTHUS & THE TRI-STAR COALITION "white buffalo"


    allmusic call these guys 'southern rock', i call it more country, but i'll
    put it where they say it goes genre-wise...
    never heard of Jimbo, obviously not as this is their debut set...
    i guess there is a bit of southern rock on here,but also a lot of
    hard/heavier country...
    love the guys stories and vocals, this is on my purchase list for sure
    as it scores high and certainly has potential to grow even further, good stuff
    on a first up listen(that makes thre out of three so far this year!)

    my score 1.85

    from the album:

    "in the garden" video

    i really wanted to post three tracks here but alas,only one available at youtube...

    allmusic review:

    allmusic review[-]by James Christopher MongerJames H. Mathis, Jr., better known as Jimbo Mathus, spent the majority of the 1990s immersed in gypsy jazz, swing and klezmer with The Squirrel Nut Zippers. When the group disbanded in 2000, the inevitable fallout (lawsuits, divorce, etc.) sent the bruised but affable multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter looking to his Mississippi roots for guidance, which he found touring with Buddy Guy, Luther Dickinson, and Alvin Youngblood Hart, and releasing a string of well-received solo outings with the intention of bringing "catfish music to the masses." Fueled by a $16,000 Kickstarter campaign, 2013's White Buffalo finds the venerable Southern rock statesman, along with Matt Pierce, Ryan Rogers, Eric Carlton, and Terrence Bishop (The Tri-State Coalition), making his Fat Possum debut with a collection of songs that celebrate every musical facet of the region, from folk ("Hatchie Bottoms," "Poor Lost Souls") and country ("In the Garden," "Useless Heart") to primal, juke joint thunderclaps like the propulsive, Mountain-esque title cut. It's a winning formula that's as rough and ready as it is warm and homespun, due in large part to Mathus' amiable delivery and knack for creating memorable, accessible characters with an acute awareness of both their flaws and their strengths. Raw, heartfelt, and bereft of artifice, Mathus and company manage to find the sweet spot between Exile On Main St. and "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down," skillfully navigating the nooks and crannies of Americana, pulling out the sweet and succulent bits, and serving them up with genuine Southern hospitality.

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    Steve Earleish sound there

    how the hell do you go 3 for 3
    I'm friggin 1 for 8
    not fair
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    its just the luck of the draw in the random picks i guess, im sure there'll be way more duds than good ones before the year is through luck cant hold out with half decent ones...

    love the Steve Earle comparrison also MH...was wracking my brain to find someone close, glad you did it for me

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    I bought it, but I have been following Jimbo Mathus for a while, his stuff with the Knockdown Society and South Memphis String Band are in a similar vein. He's been doing this kind of stuff for a long time.

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    thanks for the heads up R-burke...i will check out his other material, i love the name 'south memphis string band'...sounds so cool IMO

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