The movie Marley features a version of No Woman, No Cry that is listed to as “Gospel Version” in the credits. The director of the movie, Kevin MacDonald, claims that a collector gave him the song. Now popular websites, such as Wikipedia, and are claiming that this is the original version of the song, featuring Peter Tosh on piano, recorded as a demo in 1973 for Island Records.

This is currently creating a consensus belief that this is the original version of the song. I have thoroughly researched this version and haven’t found one credible source to verify its authenticity. Not one Marley historian or expert mentions anything about it. Someone on the Ineternet named Jah Lee Kazo claims that he remixed the song in 2008 from master tapes he had access to. There is actually more evidence to support Jah Lee Kazo, whoever he is, than Kevin MacDonald's explanation “A collector had that – a guy who was very generous and gave us that to use. It’s a beautiful version: Peter Tosh on the piano…it has a very gospelly feel to it.” This is a copyrighted song, a collector can't just give it to you.

Anyway, considering the importance this "original gospel demo version" of the song would have in the Bob Marley and Peter Tosh discography, I find it hard to believe it is authentic, and if it isn't, it calls into question the integrity of the makers of the movie Marley.

I already thought it is a problem how movies based on historical events distort reality and influence public perception to believe in myths. Now we have website “encyclopedias” irresponsibly reporting unreliable information from suspect documentaries.

I wanted to post for any Marley fans that have been duped into believing this version is authentic.