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Thread: Share your embarrassing stories

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    Wink Share your embarrassing stories

    As some of you know, I used to play the Double Bass (Classically trained). Every Saturday at around the age of 13 to 18 I used to go to a music school called the 'Centre For Your Musicians' where you learned about theory, choir, and played in a full orchestra.

    My story spans from the times playing in the orchestra. We had been practicing for our Christmas concert for months which was to take place at 'Southwick Cathedral' in London. This was also a sell out concert and attending were my family, heads of my school and many others.

    The day of the performance. We had one last rehearsal in the cathedral before the main performance and this place was massive, must have been able to hold at least 600 to 800 people. I was the only Double Bass player, and so had to look after myself and set the music. We had about 5 pieces of music to play, and I thought I had the right order for the music we were performing..... But I didn't, and wasn't to discover this until the last minute.

    The last minute came, when the cathedral was packed out, and the orchestra were at their places. The first piece of music came in, and the conductor counted us in. Now what I had was a piece of music with a very heavy bass line and LOUD. The rest of the orchestra had music that was very calm and soft. The conductor counted us in, and 1, 2 ,3 I played the loudest note I could completely off key to everyone else, and it sounded like a great out of tune lions raw, compared to the orchestra who were playing gently.

    At this point, half the orchestra looked over at me, as did the conductor, and as did the most of the audience. During this stage, I had to stand up while everyone was playing and change my music to the correct piece. With a very red and embarrassed face.

    Who can beat that?
    With Regards...


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    Default Chocolate milk harmonica meltdown

    I just got a new harmonica and so I gave my old one to my little cousin.He was running around all crazy playing with it and all you could hear was a very excited and VERY bad harmonica being played throughout the house. Then the harmonica makes a very un-harmonica like noise and all of a sudden the kid is Frickin' Screaming his head off. I ran into the kitchen and immediately saw what happened, for some INSANE reason he apparently thought it would be fun to blow a mouthful of chocolate milk THROUGH the Harmonica. Chocolate milk all over him and everything else, harmonica will never be the same...
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    Not embarrassing to me, but all the same: Someone once asked me if I could help her find the headphone jack on her acoustic guitar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erixouther View Post
    Not embarrassing to me, but all the same: Someone once asked me if I could help her find the headphone jack on her acoustic guitar.
    Same as Erixouther, not embarassing to me.

    I was mixing a song in a studio Ive worked on.

    The song was finished, ready to burn the CD.

    The client says: "Hey, it is great, you have only to "equalize" now."

    I said: "What do you think, more lows? highs? mids?"

    He answer: "NO. evrything is fine, just "equalize" a bit."

    After some discussion about equalizing this and that I ask him: "What is equalize to you?"

    He: "That fine little bathroom echo on the voice..."

    Sad history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Eboli View Post

    After some discussion about equalizing this and that I ask him: "What is equalize to you?"

    He: "That fine little bathroom echo on the voice..."

    Sad history.


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    I was once performing at a school, and the kids were on risers. I had them bouncing around to the music, when one kid in the top row fell off. I stopped in the middle and asked if he was ok. Nobody had seen it, but it was right in front of me so I did. Anyway, they called an ambulance. The ambulance driver was in the midst of a bitter divorce with one of the teachers and they started fighting over the injured child. Kind of embarrassing for all involved.
    Oh, the kid broke his leg.

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    so back a few years ago, we (me and my band) were recording/producing other bands in our studio.. the very first one we did gave us 6 cases of beer instead of money.. well it was twisted tea but still. So we were doing good and most went out on a "bake route" i stayed behind with their guitarist to lay down a few tracks, next thing i knew i was getting woke up laying on the ground in the next room. I apparently passed out, but when i came too i guess we got 3 tracks down fast played some backup just for flavor and i added some reverb and whateva else it needed and have absolutely no memory of any of it but sounded awesome. Anywho, not really all too embarrassing but still get made fun of for it at times.

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    Embarrasing stories...hmmm. Well there is one, and my family and I to this day still shudder, it was that embarrasing for all of us!

    Basically, I play guitar whilst my brother plays drums and use to, when he was young, play keys.

    Anyways, at my Dad's Christmas Office Party, the office decided to hold a sort of talent contest (family were always invited to these) so my Dad decided that we should do a cover of a famous Beatles song, and dress up in suits and wigs and all that (...I know!), with my parents singing and my brother on keys, whilst I'd play guitar.

    So a couple of days before the party, we hired some "Beatles" wigs (I put the "" in because only one was a true mop top; the others, were just wigs with black hair and no discernible Beatles style) and got our suits sorted. When the day came we looked horrendous. Not only were our suits mix and match, but our wigs made us look like some really bad character from the 70's. Only my Dad looked reasonable as a Beatle (because he had one mop top wig).

    Anyways, when the time came to get up on stage and perform, my brother chickened out. He was 6 or 7, I forget, so I can understand why he would be scared or nervous, but he was quite central to us playing the song. So, we decided to proceed as a trio; my Mum, Dad, and I. Halfway through the song, when we're on the second chorus, my brother decides he wants to join in on the act, pun intended, though he starts singing one of the verses. My parents, totally lost now (they were quite drunk - my Mum especially as she was nervous about getting up and singing) stop, then try and restart, though because they've had a bit to drink can't remember where they were.

    To cut a long story short, my parents with huge embarrasment had to finish the performance there and then and for me, I don't think I played the guitar for about a month or so, too horrified by the experience!

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