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    Default Free Energy - Love Sign

    online listen
    pop/rock/alt, your choice
    nothing great, nothing terrible
    clip is the best for me
    1.5 from me and a converted 1.8 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Girls Want Rock

    released Jan 15th, 2013

    Bio - from allmusic

    Free Energy formed in the aftermath of the Minneapolis-based indie rock group Hockey Night's
    tumultuous breakup in 2007. The band coalesced in the two years following the split, when
    former Hockey Night members Scott Wells and Paul Sprangers relocated to Philadelphia, teamed up
    with Geoff Bucknum, Nicholas Shuminsky, and Evan Wells, and made a batch of freewheeling indie
    rock tunes in the vein of glam and arena rock acts like Thin Lizzy and T. Rex. While he was
    never an official member of the band, LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy worked with Sprangers and
    Wells on Free Energy's first recordings, both as a producer and, in the band's early days, as a
    bassist. Free Energy's debut 7" single, Free Energy/Something in Common, was released on
    Murphy's label, DFA Records, in 2009. A three-track EP followed that fall, and a full-length
    album titled Stuck on Nothing was released in March of 2010. After striking out from DFA and
    forming their own Free Energy Records, the band began recording with producer Jeff Glixman --
    who was behind the desk when Kansas recorded "Dust in the Wind" -- but only one unreleased song
    resulted. Next, they turned to seasoned producer John Agnello to get the kind of slick, radio-
    friendly (if you time traveled back to 1981) sound they were after. During this time they lost
    guitarist Bucknum, who was replaced by Sheridan Fox. The group's second album, Love Sign, was
    released in January of 2013.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    After recording a debut album for DFA that ranged from exhilarating to a whole bunch of fun,
    Free Energy -- Philly’s answer to the common rock & roll complaint “they just don’t write ‘em
    like that anymore” -- switched labels and producers for their second effort, 2013’s Love Sign.
    Starting their own label wasn’t a bad idea at all, but going from James Murphy’s live-sounding,
    mistakes-and-all style to John Agnello's slick and precise corporate rock sound, drains much of
    the rambunctious joy out of the group’s retro-rock strut. Agnello got his start working with
    bands like the Hooters in the '80s and he and the band set out to create that kind of perfect
    airless sound, even going so far as to unapologetically say they were looking to capture the
    kind of drum sound one would hear on an Outfield record. Not exactly a recipe for thrilling,
    no-holds-barred rock & roll abandon, it’s true, but the record does succeed in almost exactly
    the fashion they planned. Despite the lack of sweat and spilled beer, the songs are still
    pretty darn catchy. Just about every track would sound good next to a Loverboy song on the
    radio, proudly showing off high-fructose power chords, endlessly sunny dispositions, clanging
    cowbells, and Paul Sprangers' devil-may-care vocals. They have the formula memorized and can
    repeat it back in multiple variations, from midtempo groovers like "Hangin" and handclapping
    rockers like "Girls Want Rock" to the power ballad-y "True Love." Fans of the first album’s
    low-rent, high-hook charm may feel that this record is a little too slick, a little measured,
    and overall sort of tame, and they’d have a point. But if you can get past that feeling and
    embrace the polished, shiny surfaces, and satin-jacketed AOR clichés, then Love Sign delivers a
    pleasing dose of nostalgic, good-time (almost) rock & roll.

    Track Listing

    1. Electric Fever
    2. Girls Want Rock
    3. Dance Hall Night
    4. Hey Tonight
    5. Hold U Close
    6. Backscratcher
    7. Hangin
    8. Street Survivor
    9. True Love
    10. Time Rolls On
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