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    Hi Folks,
    Happy to join you in what looks like a fantastic forum. I'm looking for a little advice and maybe someone who might be interested in a music collection we put together many years ago while living abroad. We have approximately 160 7" reel to reel tapes (most are stereo but there are some quadraphonic tapes as well) each containing several hours of music. The tapes have always been kept in a conditioned environment inside the house and are all still playable. We recorded this collection in the mid 70's and it contains the best of all popular artists up to that time. We also have the entire collection indexed for quick reference. We are downsizing as old age is creeping up on us and find the need to get rid of all of these tapes. Is there any market for material such as this? I'd hate to just pitch it. Any ideas of where I may be able to offload it - we live in the mid-atlantic region in southern Delaware, USA. Anybody out there want it? Will sit back for a while and see if anybody responds. Bless y'all and will be looking forward to receiving any advice you might have to offer.

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    deja vu
    did some down sizing of my own upon moving about a year go
    had to compromise with the wife, yours goes, mine goes
    had about 50 of those reel to reel tapes, along with the recorder
    no takers, into the dumpster they went

    good luck
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    Saw something on the Internet regarding software that allows copying them into a computer so we might just give that a shot.

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    It is relatively easy to record onto a hard-drive using a recording /capture program.

    You will need:
    A monster cable - connects your stereo ampliflier to the computer's soundcard
    A decent sound card on your computer - this is super important as the cheaper you go on this the crappier the sound.
    You'll need a recording program - Audacity is a free one ( )
    - Audacity will also let you convert/encode your sound files to different formats - you might need to also install a Lame Encoder with Audacity (again free)
    I also use a simple sound cleaner program that helps eliminate the tape hiss or vinyl crackles - I set mine very low so I'm not removing a bunch of the intended sound but taking out a lot of the unwanted noise.

    I've converted sounds from several sources and all will work if they can be connected to the stereo.

    If you'd like some help, give me a shout and I'll give you a few pointers.

    * Warning this does take a lot of time to do BUT it is tonnes of fun going through your old recordings so be prepared to spend some quality time with the songs you've got on those tapes.

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    lol....Evil,you lost me after you wrote "you will need:"

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    you lost me after you wrote.

    Maradona ( Clubvegas999 )

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