online listen
rap metal for the most part
liked a few tracks with the clip being the best
some juvenile porn lyrics in some tracks
narrowly misses the list
1.5 from me and a converted 1.4 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Dead Bite

released Jan 7th, 2013

Bio - from allmusic

Hollywood Undead hail (unsurprisingly) from the streets of Hollywood, California, mixing brash
hip-hop, rock, and minor metalcore touches with cocky posturing and thug attitudes. Owing much
of their popularity and exposure to the social networking monster MySpace, the group -- whose
members usually wear masks on-stage -- started as the musical project of J-Dog and Tha Producer
in June 2005. They uploaded some new music to their profile and very quickly started amassing
song plays and online friends with tracks about drinking, sex, and emo kids. "The gang", as the
guys liked to refer to themselves, also grew to include six members: J-Dog and Tha Producer
alongside Charlie Scene, Johnny 3 Tears (formerly called the Server), Funny Man, and Da Kurlzz.
As the band's online profile steadily increased, MySpace head honcho Tom Anderson wasn't immune
and wound up featuring Hollywood Undead's song "No. 5" on MySpace's first compilation album, in
addition to giving them the distinction of being the first act signed to the site's new record
label (distributed by Interscope) in 2005. Swan Songs finally appeared in 2008 on A&M/Octone
Records. A year later, that label released an album of B-sides, live tracks, and covers titled
Desperate Measures. In 2010, vocalist Aron Deuce Erlichman left the group, he was replaced by
Daniel "Danny" Murillo, a former contestant on American Idol and lead singer of Lorene Drive.
After shows with Avenged Sevenfold on the Nightmare After Christmas Tour, Hollywood Undead
released their sophomore album, American Tragedy, in April of 2011, and the album debuted in
the top five of Billboard’s Top 200. The following November, A&M/Octone Records released a
remix version of the record called American Tragedy Redux, which featured mixes by Andrew W.K.,
Borgore, and KMFDM, among others. In January of 2013, after embarking on The Underground Tour,
the group released their third studio album, Notes from the Underground.

Album Review - from allmusic

Working again with American Tragedy producer/co-writer Griffin Boice, masked alt-metal/rap
outfit Hollywood Undead returned with their testosterone-fueled signature sound for their 2012
album Notes from the Underground. The record boosts the knowing arena rock posturing with
titanic contemporary production. Going for a grand scale enhances the power of their rap-metal
attack, which can get tedious, but as they did on the previous year's outing, Johnny 3 Tears,
Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Funny Man, J-Dog, and Danny divide their songs up into club pop, rap
-rock, and power ballads to break up the sameness of Hollywood suburbia. There are two lyrical
themes, too, almost as if they are partying recklessly when the masks are on, and inner angst
is revealed when the masks are removed. For every song that revolves around juvenile humor --
for instance, the thinly veiled sports gag "Pigskin," where Charlie Scene raps about his weenie
and Danny sings "Hike up your skirt girl, let's get naughty" -- there's a seemingly heartfelt
song about dejection. The party rhymes are pretty played out at this point, and knowingly so,
as evidenced by a line like "Girls look at me like that guy must make pornos/Yeah, I'm pushing
30 but I still drink Mickey's four O's," but otherwise, the group shows no signs of slowing and
will probably still be going strong if and when rap-rock makes a resurgence.

Track Listing

1. Dead Bite
2. From the Ground
3. Another Way Out
4. Lion
5. We Are 1
6. Pigskin
7. Rain
8. Kill Everyone
9. Believe
10. Up In Smoke
11. Outside
12. Medicine
13. One More Bottle
14. Delish