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Thread: Musicians Favourite playing music

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    OK, as many of you know, I used to play the Double Bass (Classic trained), and always used to enjoy playing Carnival of animals - Elephant. The Double Bass solo.

    I was just wondering what instruments others played and their favorite piece of pastime music was?
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    I play the guitar and have been attempting piano:]
    usually when I'm playing guitar i try and find the most technically challenging pieces I can play to practice. I feel like i'm improving myself in some way or form this way. I've been working on a lot of protest the hero stuff. I know they sound like a lame punk band, but they have some great patterns and are very challenging:) I also enjoy playing some Bach and a few other classical pieces I know.
    Right now i'm working on "Presto Vivace" By Ynwgie Malmsteen, it is performed with an orchestra live. here's a link^^
    Right now I only have learned the main part and not the solo because I am not a god yet:P aha. But i'm trying. I also like playing pieces by virtuoso jason Becker. he is also very neo-classical.
    Here is one of my favourites by him. It is only the audio with pictures of him

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