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Thread: seriously, scientists get paid to study this??!!!

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    Default seriously, scientists get paid to study this??!!!

    just found this news article on the "WWW"...

    surely scientists would have better things to research than "what dinosaurs would taste like"....its beyond belief IMO, but heres the article anyway...

    What would dinosaurs taste like?

    They might have evolved to be poultry, but would dinosaurs have tasted like chicken?
    Not according to one US scientist who says the flavour of a "dino-steak" would have been more like venison, rabbit or other gamey meat.
    Montana State University palaeontologist David Varricchio studied the fat composition, muscle fibres and diets of dinosaurs to discover which would have tasted best.
    Varricchio told Australian Popular Science his research showed ornithomimosaurs were likely to have been the most delicious dinosaurs on offer 60 million years ago because of their high activity levels and vegetarian diet.
    High activity levels indicate they would have been composed of slow-twitch muscle fibres, which are typically found in animals that produce red meat.
    Red meat-producing, vegetarian animals such as cows and sheep are among the most popular choices for meat today, leading Varicchio to the conclusion that ornithomimosaurs would be the tastiest meat available in the prehistoric period.
    Ornithomimosaurs are a group of ostrich-like creatures with long hind legs that indicate they ran for long periods and had slow-twitch muscle fibres.
    Scientists have concluded they ate mostly plant matter due to their lack of teeth.
    "I've also done a little work on their bone histology and it's safe to say they're relatively fast-growing," Varicchio told the magazine last month.
    "I think (ornithomimosaurs) would be a lean, slightly wild-tasting red meat."
    On the other hand, the king of predators at the time, the tyrannosaurus, would have been the least tasty, due to its carnivorous diet.
    "When people ask me if a T-Rex would be good, well, I don't think so," Varricchio said.
    "They've found jaw abnormalities that suggests they were eating fetid meat and had diseases that came about from prey items. They would be pretty parasite-laden."
    He also speculated that armoured dinosaurs, such as the bone-plated and club-tailed ankylosaurus, would have produced "good white meat".
    Hadrosaurs, a family of beaked dinos with large-boned crests and four legs, would have been a source of red meat, while speedy ground predators like the velocirapotor would have made for a game-flavoured white meat.
    Varricchio said the neck of Sauropods, the tallest of group of dinosaurs that included the diplodocus and brachiosaurus, would have been a "delicacy", as the large cuts of red meat from their super-long necks, would have been tricky to reach and weighed tonnes.

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    probably a government funded study
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    probably the same lobby group that funded a study here back in the 1980s for 'surfboards for left handed gay surfers' not kidding, our Govt did give a grant for that!!!!!!

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