Hello all from a newbie.

I am a member of a local drama society and I am arranging music and sound effects for our next play.. this is 'The Hebal Bed', the true story of a scandal surrounding the daughter of William Shakespeare. Obviouusly (or maybe not obviously) the play is set in the Jacobean period. We are using music by William Byrd in some places, and some music from Globe Theatre recordings in others, but I am still looking for suitable music for two parts of the play.....

1) The end of the play. I'm looking for something in period that is fairly slow, somewhat melancholy or sombre, preferably in a minor key to play as the lights fade. Not dance music and probably not church music.

2) I also need something to use as background music during a prolonged embrace and kiss between lovers. The director asks for 'something pretty', and clearly we dont want dance or church music here.

If anyone can give me any suggestions (and if possible somewhere I can listen to samples and/or download the pieces from) I'll be very grateful.

Thanks and regards