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Thread: Best Radiohead Album?

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    Default Best Radiohead Album?

    What is the Best Radiohead album?

    My Favorite and I think is the best is OK Computer.

    Lots of good and bad memories in life listening to Radiohead
    but OK Computer has always been the best all around.

    I like 90% of the songs on Ok Computer.

    What do you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myst View Post
    I agree with you marv007, I have all their studio albums and Ok Computer is my favorite too. Some super tracks on that album, my favorites tend to be: Climbing Up The Walls, The Tourist, Exit Music, Karma Police and this one:
    I have listened to all there albums but Ok Computer just seems to have the most hits. When I say hits I mean its songs that hit me in the right way.

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    do not like this band in the slightest, am lucky if i like three or four tracks on each album!!! overrated crap IMO

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    Good Opinion see I like Radiohead and you don't and that is all good.
    but this thread is about what is the best Radiohead album. .

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