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Thread: Help with a song please.

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    Default Help with a song please.

    Hello, i am looking for a song with the artist being dj ...... and i don't know the title of the song. I only remember the video in which a man who is doing jogging meets a girl and starts talking with her by writing notes, they stay by the sea side. He asks her multiple times what song she is listening but she doesn't want to answer. they see each other for 3-4 days in the same place, one day she doesn't come and he waits for her, and the other they meet again and she tells him she is deaf and she isn't listening to anything. Something like that. And it is singed by a man, who's name I don't know.... Please help me find it.
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    I am also trying to recall this song in which the girl is wearing the white skirt near the beach with a pink sleeveless top and the guy is in khakhis ohhh even i cant remmember the song

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