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Thread: "(This) (It) Will Be the Last Dance" - Title, anyone?

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    Default "(This) (It) Will Be the Last Dance" - Title, anyone?

    Hello, all -
    My first posting here, with a request for help in finding a song so that I can download it for a family video!
    In the 80's, this was always played at some dance clubs and bars in my area at the end of the night to signify that they would be closing.

    It had a catchy guitar lead-in in a minor key; the first note was a sliding note with a short catchy rift. It was repeated as the background. The chorus was something like:
    "This will be the last dance,
    This will be the last dance,
    Baby, the last dance.. (da da da da da da dah)
    ...or I think it went that way! That's the problem.

    It was not the rap song, not "Save the Last Dance for Me," not the one performed by Summer. It was basically a simple song sung by a guitar dance band with two-part harmony, for the most part.

    Anybody here in their 50's or 60's - do you remember? Thank you in advance for your help!

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    I remember a song that had the line 'maybe the last dance - I don't know'. It had sweeping harmonies in it.
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    Finally - found it after searching since yesterday:
    "The Last Time" by the Stones
    Well, this could be the last time
    This could be the last time
    Maybe the last time
    I don't know. Oh no. Oh no..."
    Great little guitar riff.

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    you beat me to the punch....

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAZY-HORSE View Post
    you beat me to the punch....
    thanks for the memory mate

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