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    this day in 1957 Elvis Presley recieved his 'draft notice'...he would spend the next two years in the US Army stationed in Germany.
    Elvis was offered the easy job of being the entertainer for the other troops but decided that favouritism would create resentment by the other troops so he went in as a general enlistment guy living and working with everyone else.
    it was here in the army that he met his future wife Priscilla who happened to be the daughter of his commanding officer.
    Elvis' entry into the Army was delayed for two months as he did get special permission to enter the studio to all the songs that were released between 1958 and early 1960 were actually recorded in November and December 1957.
    Elvis' mum Gladys was so heartbroken with the sudden departure of her only son that she died of a heart attack in early 1958 aged 42(same age and cause of death as Elvis himself in 1977)....

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