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sounds like a boy band for the most part
well, maybe a man band
but they do play instruments
and the video is not just dancing around
1.2 from me and a converted 1.5 from the pros at allmusic

from the album - Be Your Everything

released Dec 11th, 2012

Bio - from allmusic

Unafraid to wear their heart on their collective sleeve, the Boston-based emo-pop outfit Boys Like Girls
features singer/guitarist Martin Johnson, bassist Bryan Donahue, drummer John Keefe, and guitarist Paul
DiGiovanni (the last two members being cousins). After Boys Like Girls posted several demo recordings
online, the band's lively hooks and youthful enthusiasm had garnered them quite a following by 2005's end,
while also catching the attention of industry players like booking agent Matt Galle (My Chemical Romance,
Taking Back Sunday) and producer Matt Squire (Panic at the Disco, Northstar), both of whom contacted the
band about working together. Following a national PureVolume-sponsored tour with Hit the Lights and A
Thorn for Every Heart, Boys Like Girls entered the studio with Squire to record their debut album. The
resulting self-titled effort appeared in August 2006 on Red Ink. Although initial sales were slow, the
album eventually went gold, and tracks like "Thunder" helped Boys Like Girls maintain a presence on the
Billboard charts throughout 2008. Following the release of a DVD, Read Between the Lines, the band
returned to the recording studio to commence work on a second album, which appeared in 2009 under the
title Love Drunk. The record featured a duet with Taylor Swift, and featured slick, radio-friendly
production. Two years later, the band announced it had parted ways with bassist Donahue. In late 2012,
Boys Like Girls released the Crazy World EP, then followed it up with the Crazy World LP. Both releases
showed the group, now with new bassist Morgan Door, casting off any vestiges of emo-pop in favor of a new
country-pop approach.

Album Review - from allmusic

On their last album, Boys Like Girls made the unspoken connection between emo-pop and country-pop into
something more tangible by performing a duet with Taylor Swift. Both styles share a radio-ready slickness,
a tenuous connection to the sound they're derived from (punk, country), and teenage love-lost lyrical
angst, no matter the age of the singer. Itís surprising more bands havenít made the attempt to cross over,
but on Crazy World, the group mostly leave emo-pop behind and dive headfirst into sleeveless, dusty
country. Though there arenít any fiddles to be heard, there are plenty of twangy guitar licks, harmonicas,
rhythms perfect for line dancing, nostalgic songs about diners and high school, and a song ĒRed Cup Hands
Up Long Brown HairĒ) that manages to fit in lyrics about rag tops, drinking beer from plastic cups, and
sunbathing on the hood of a car. The only thing that keeps this from sounding like a Jake Owen album is
the lack of southern accents, but that would have been hard for a bunch of ex-punks from Boston to pull
off. What the album most sounds like is a goofy, brodacious version of Taylor Swift's Red, only with more
programming and less heartbreak. Itís an open question whether any fans of the groupís hooky stadium emo
will follow them as they travel south of the Mason-Dixon line; odds are quite a few might feel betrayed by
the change in direction and the nagging feeling that maybe the group may have sold out just a little in
pursuit of a new audience. Itíll also be interesting to see if any country fans will climb onboard. The
band certainly throw their arms wide open in welcome, crafting the laboratory-perfect, good-time emo-
country-pop hybrid experience thatíll sound very good blasting out of rag tops and 4X4ís, if not a moody
teenagerís bedroom.

Track Listing

1. First Time
2. Life of the Party
3. Crazy World
4. Be Your Everything
5. Stuck in the Middle
6. Cheated
7. Shoot
8. Leaving California
9. Take Me Home
10. Red Cup
11. Hey You