Hi all, this is Matt Trueman and just joined the forum. I am a member of Saxxons a Britpop Music Band of UK.

I love music since my childhood, and I like to play guitar. I started this music band with my two other friends Andrew Carrington & Michael Mason who also study Engineering with me in University of Leeds.

We have also made a website(blog) for our pop music band for our fans, so that they can get latest britpop music albums brought by us. Recently I have also qualified for the second round in Britain's Got Talent 2012 show and trying hard to qualify the next round, I would appreciate you if you support me.

I would appreciate you visit my blog and check all our music work which I have posted in this blog. Or you can also watch our latest music album release named "are you with me" which is also getting good response. You can also watch this on our blog or watch it on YouTube here.

Thanks and waiting for your response and feedback. Please like the video if you like it.

Many Thanks