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    Evening all

    With everyone in this community having such a vast knowledge, likes and dislikes of music in general, is there anyway we could set an area where songs from differant people could be uploaded, and streamed (not downloadable by other people) for all to listen to

    for example, itoa enjoys masses of music that i have never heard of, i would like to hear some just out of shire curiosity, if there was an area where he could upload, Psychedelic Horseshit by portals, for example. i could then see what it was like. I use itoa as an example because he has an insane knowledge of music, and could probebly name 50+ bands i have never heard of.

    this is all assuming that it is legal ofcourse.

    i am really tierd, so if that does not make alot of sense please let me know and i will try and re-word it.

    Regards, Syn

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    Would be cool.

    Btw: It's Portals by Psychedelic Horsehit

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    It is a good idea, but I can't see this one working. There will be copyright issues for uploading and sharing music among members. I would suggest uploading a larger site like youtube (or searching video) and then linking here. Not perfect, but at least safe.
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