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    OUTASIGHT "nights like these"

    my first listen to a new release album in a week or so...
    oh God!...had to be rap/r&b didnt it!?
    oh how i dislike this modern genre simply because it all sounds
    the same....
    started off really well with the opening track "let's go", which had
    a good Lenny Kravitz sound with the guitar work,although, that said
    probably wasnt even a player, most probably some fandangled
    electronic gadget!, nevertheless, that wasnt a bad song...
    then comes track two,"shine"...not bad also, shades of Bruno Mars
    happening there with the vocal style and flow...
    two totally different sounding stuff,
    but from there on in, it is the same old crap we've all heard
    a thousand times on the radio and in the charts.
    shame Outasight couldnt keep the momentum up IMO, as he does
    appear to have a bit of talent there,allbeit nothing original.
    a score of 1.4 is a fair call on this one IMO, which isnt too far off
    the score of a converted 1.2(a little bit harsh!)

    from the album:

    "let's go" audio

    "shine" video artist bio/album review

    Every so often a new artist comes along with a sound so innovative, they are able to help reshape the barriers that confine mainstream music. Meet Outasight, the Yonkers, New York bred musician who weaves together the cadenced sounds of popular hip-hop and indie rock with the poignant sensibility of classic pop and soul music to create a fresh, new sound that is all his own. “People are conditioned to see certain images for different genres of music,” says the 28 year-old songwriter. “So if something looks or sounds out of the norm, it’s more difficult to understand at first.”
    Growing up an only child in the suburbs of New York City, Outasight’s parents encouraged his insatiable love for making music from a very young age. At 8 years old, he was passed down his father’s guitar. Soon after, he began writing his own songs. “I was surrounded by thousands of records as a kid,” says Outasight who grew up emulating the diverse sounds he was surrounded by all his life. “I listened to a lot of classic rock, and pop, like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Who, and also soul artists like Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. My friends and I would form bands and practice in someone’s basement and then I would go to school and write raps and spit raps on the playground. They were like duel personalities in a sense.”
    During his junior year of high school, Outasight started venturing into the city, seeking out open mics where he was able to fine tune his own material in front of live audiences. “I used to perform a lot in Brooklyn at a place called Sputnik,” says Outasight. “It would be a very diverse crowd and I would rap and start singing and they would be like, what the hell is going on right now? Who is this White kid acting all crazy? But there were always people that liked it so I always took any type of acceptance as the fuel to go further.” After performing in the big city for a couple of years, the resourceful young artist started to gain confidence and create some extremely valuable music industry connections.
    In 2006, he decided to drop out of college for good and pursue music full time. In 2007 he released a mixtape called Employee Of The Year with the help of his friend and business partner Dre Bond. The two started a new company to help promote Outasight appropriately named Daily Grind Music. After promoting the tape on Myspace and up and coming music blogs, Outasight and Daily Grind released his second project, Radio New York in June of ’08 which was featured on the Myspace Home page for three consecutive days—a tremendous feat for any new, unsigned artist. “The amount of people that I got exposed to was incredible,” says Outasight. “We were getting like 50 thousand plays a day! Dre and I made a video for one of the mixtape’s songs, ‘Good Evening’ that fall we got the video on MTV after winning the MTVU Freshman competition.”
    In March of 2009, Outasight released his third mixtape, From There To Here, with world renowned hip-hop DJ Mick Boogie and a month later was asked to open for Ryan Leslie at NYC’s SOB’s. After winning over the packed house with his live show, he secured a meeting with former Asylum Records CEO and current Warner Bros. Records Co-President & CEO Todd Moscowitz who was instantly taken by the multi-talented MC’s growing body of work. That October, Outasight signed a deal with Asylum. Soon after his signing, Outasight released his latest mixtape Further. The project was sponsored by LRG clothing and was his most successful release to date, garnering over a hundred thousand downloads and counting. Due to its overwhelming popularity, Asylum released Further as an EP exclusively on ITunes in March 2010. Outasight followed that up with the release his August 17th mixtape, Never Say Never.
    Now on Warner Bros. Records, Outasight is getting ready to release his debut full length in 2012. As teasers to his first feature album, Outasight released, Figure 8, a five song EP this past April and, most recently, his DJ Benzi assisted mixtape Get It Together. The Outasight sound is informed by the boom-bap that provided the soundtrack to his youth and on each song OU demonstrates his mastery of the hook, using it to great affect by lacing the beat with simple, catchy lines that gradually take on complexity with each repeat listen, exemplified perfectly on his hit single, "Tonight Is The Night.”
    Things are taking off for Outasight. "Tonight Is The Night" is one of the hottest songs in the country. It’s climbing both the pop radio and iTunes single sales chart at a rapid pace. In its first week at radio, "Tonight Is The Night" was the #1 most added song on Top 40 radio. Outasight’s initial big break came courtesy of Pepsi, who chose “Tonight Is The Night” as the soundtrack for their “Music Icons” TV campaign which is tied into the Fox hit TV show, X-FACTOR. Outasight made his national TV debut this Fall on X-FACTOR and also performed on a recent episode of CW11’s 90210.
    Billboard recently ran a story on how Outasight's "Tonight Is The Night" got tapped for Pepsi's X-FACTOR campaign. In the article, Outasight reflects on the sudden exposure. "There are so many ways to distinguish yourself, doing shows, doing mixtapes, or doing videos, and the label has been extremely supportive in all that process," Outasight says. "Things are really starting to whirl now. It's been a lot of hard work to get to this point, but it's fun. It's real. I've enjoyed it and I'm taking it all in."
    Outasight’s video for "Tonight Is The Night" premiered on MTV and has been added to rotation on MTV, VH1, MTV Hits and MTVu. Directed by Dori Oskowitz (Cee Lo, Raphael Saddiq), the video is a rocking good time, capturing Outasight in midst of a wild night in downtown NYC.
    Look for Outasight’s debut album in 2012.

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    1.4 from me also
    and I intentionaly did not look at CH's score
    this is getting strange
    heard the Bruno you did
    I didnt like those first 2 you mentioned
    But I did like 2 tracks on here
    I'll Drink To That and Perfect Words

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