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    Default Check it out!!!

    Hey There..
    Please chechout this song, and give your input on what you think...


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    Hey man,

    I think the drummer needs to work a bit on tightening things up. He's pretty solid, but he kind of plays a bit too much behind the beat. Either that or the guitars are rushing a bit--but I am pretty sure it's the drums, since some of the tom fills are a bit off too.

    Your voice harmonizes nicely.

    Production is fairly clear, but if you want to put this together to sell, I'd improve the drums. Lots of drum sample software out there nowadays if you can't find a more experienced drummer.

    The tune has an early-2000s, college rock feel, which I appreciate.

    If you are going to orchestrate, I'd put a little more work into making the orchestration more interesting. Too many people just put strings in to fill out the chords.

    Overall, nice stuff!

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    thanks alot Nick i really appreciate the advise, its really what i need and i agree fully with you.
    thank you...

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