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    Should musicians stick to a particular genre of music? Your thoughts Please.

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    i think a truly great musician should go wherever his/her/their musings send them...if that takes them beyond their comfort zone then full cudos to them

    Take Neil Young as a prime example, he has recorded albums in most so-called genres...pop,folk,country,electronic,grunge,soul,r ock,experimental,psychadelia,blues etc etc...not all working out well though, but at least he has the balls not to have re-recorded 'harvest' over and over again for the last 40years!

    Elvis Costello is another artist who transcends the genre barriers time and time again, as does Paul Weller, again, it doesnt work all the time, but gotta give those guys full marks for trying, and at times they are both extremely 'trying'!!!!

    whereas artists like The Rolling Stones do not have any respect for me for their music primarily because for the most part they have re-hashed out 'satisfaction' time and time again for almost 50yrs....any idiot can do that IMO.

    on the other hand though, you cant blame artists for using the tried and true formula time and time again as it brings in income and at the end of the day they are out to create a thriving business(yes,the music industry is a business!) just like anyone else who is self-employed!

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