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    I looked a bit around on the net to see where that people discuss and review music and i stumbled across this site.
    My reason for looking around was to see if i could find places where, big surprise, people discuss music.
    The reason for this is because i have found a place where you actually get paid a little for doing so and i wish to share that.
    and while that it is not for unselfish reasons i do this, my main purpose is actually to spread knowlegde about the site.
    On the site people review music from different genres without being told who the musicians are first so that there is no prejuice in regards to different artists.

    I hope that people in here will find it to be usefull :)

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    looks/sounds interesting
    I've always liked not knowing who you are listening to which is why
    I listen to a lot of new artists
    I think most music listeners are too influenced by who an artist is
    rather than what they are doing.

    deleted your duplicate post in another forum
    only need it once
    A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.
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