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Thread: Trouble with Winamp. HALP!

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    Default Trouble with Winamp. HALP!

    So, I recently decided to use Winamp again after trying out a few other mediaplayers (iTunes, Songbird etc. ...).
    A short while ago I wanted to listen to some .m4a files but my Winamp 2.95 (oldsql yeah!) didn't want to play them. I thought it'd be no problem und just downloaded a newer version. I tried the older ones first because I often experienced trouble with the newer ones.

    I tried Winamp version 5.0, 5.04, 5.12, 5.32, 5.35 and then finally 5.451 but not one of them did the job.

    Then I browsed the Winamp forums and found a thread with someone reporting a similar problem. I came to know that the "Winamp Essentials 5.35" would solve my problem. Fiddlesticks! Goddamn Winamp still wouldn't play my .m4a files.

    Then I came across an iTunes Plug-In for Winamp which should make it possible for Winamp to play .m4a/AAC files. I installed it, restarted Winamp and then an error message popped up that said that iTunes needed to be installed on my Computer to use the iTunes Plug-In. I was like "why the hell do I need iTunes?!?! That's a friggin Winamp Plug-In so I DON'T have to use godawful iTunes. **** that!"

    So, err, can anyone of you guys help me out on that?

    And no, I can't be arsed to convert the files. I want a media player that is actually able to play my media...

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    I don't particularly like Winamp - never have!
    I downloaded and installed RealPlayer 11 awhile back and you will find that this plays back m4a files fine along with the new addition of being able to download to your Hard Drive most of the videos that one finds at YouTube, etcetera.

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