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Thread: PAUL KELLY "spring and fall"

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    PAUL KELLY "spring and fall"

    aussie folky from Adelaide,SA.
    this is his umpteenth album in the last thirty years...
    sort of the aussie version of Ray Davies or The Boss, always
    writes tunes about the average guy on the street.
    like his other albums of the last fifteen years this one is very acoustic based
    full of lovely little tunes and stories/odes.
    nothing great on here by his standards, and several i dont like on a first
    listen, nevertheless not a bad album
    rating: 1.7 or 2.8/5

    from the album:

    "new found year" audio

    sorry, couldnt find a proffessional review to compliment this one!!!

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    I don't know the singer :)

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