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Thread: Rock is banned here, but...

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    Default Rock is banned here, but...

    Hay all,

    Let's have a discussion on a real Underground and Banned situation for Indie bands or artists, yeah we're talking about PLAYING ROCK MUSIC IN IRAN.

    Unfortunately some music genres such as Rock, Rap & etc are banned by the Iranian government and the bands or artists can't go public, But there are a lot of these artists which are struggling to raise their head from this parapet and get their natural freedom.

    One of the best Iranian Rock bands is Mirage Town.

    They are now recording their debut album in Tehran and it's going to be released soon, however there are 2 tracks called "Harfe Man" & "Wasted Man" available from this album which you can listen or download them through their website.

    Check'em out at:

    Your comments would be appreciated...

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    Their Website has gone belly-up but the Myspace and pages exist. The Myspace has the songs mentioned. In addition:
    Their struggle makes PussyRiot's trevails seem punk.

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