The Isley Brothers have been around since the 60s (from Cincinnati, Ohio). My favorite album by the Isley's is "Go For Your Guns" (1977). Earlier in their career a young guitarist known by the name of "Jimi James" (Jimi Hendrix) played for the Isley Brothers.

Ernie Isley's unique heavy/dirty style of rock guitar was equal to (if not better) than Funkadelic/Parliament's lead guitarist "Eddie Hazel.

This particular single (Climbing Up The Ladder) shows the style and sound of Ernie Isley. The self titled song (Go For Your Guns) on this album is an instrumental featuring Ernie Isley on lead guitar. Livin' In The Life and Tell Me When You Need It Again are two songs on the album worth mention. Footsteps In The Dark is the best known single because of "Ice Cube's" (sample) - It was a good day.