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    Default Chad Valley - Young Hunger

    online listen
    with 7 featured artists I never know who Chad Valley is
    does he sing, play something, turn some knobs?
    way too much synth in here for me
    the clip, nothing to do with the song
    don't watch, just listen
    1.3 from me and a converted 2.4 from the pros at allmusic

    from the album - Fall 4 U

    released Oct 30th, 2012

    Bio - from allmusic

    After taking his bedroom recordings to the next level with a full band in Jonquil, Oxford-based Hugo Manuel went
    back to recording as a solo artist under the name Chad Valley. Jonquil signed to Dovecote Records in the States and,
    around the same time, Manuel leaked a handful of dreamy, Ibiza and R&B-inspired electro-pop demos to the Web. A
    flock of sites (including Vice, Pitchfork, and Guardian) featured Chad Valley's "Up and Down" and "Acker Bilk" in
    the summer of 2010. Manuel continued to play with Jonquil, and debuted his self-titled EP later that year. In 2011,
    Chad Valley released Equatorial Ultravox, and then branched out with 2012's Young Hunger, which featured a long list
    of indie A-list collaborators including Twin Shadow, Glasser, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, and Active Child.

    Album Review - from allmusic

    After his earlier well-received EPs, Chad Valley's full-length debut in 2012 came hot on the heels of a swirl of
    attention -- both positive and negative -- for the putative style he and others have worked in. Whether by an
    accident of timing or something in the water in general, the British singer and many of the collaborators who appear
    on Young Hunger have been tagged as some form of indie R&B -- compared, and not always favorably, with any number of
    African-American performers, whether Ne-Yo, The-Dream, Miguel or perhaps most tellingly, Kanye West in his 808s and
    Heartbreak mode. If anything, though, this distinction is something that ends up boxing all the performers in --
    better a world where many different musicians have no fear of using electronic arrangements to their own ends rather
    than yet another tedious version of realness. Valley's work, if anything, feels mostly lodged in the kind of
    serenely beautiful setting that Active Child creates, drawing on the dreamy heights of bands like a-ha and
    Alphaville. Little surprise that their collaboration here, "Manimals," which closes the album, is one of the
    highlights, slowly building into a stately shimmer, suddenly opening up even further with clicking beats and a
    perfect blend of their voices. With that as a striking conclusion, much of Young Hunger is how Valley gets there,
    either on his own, as on the surging stomp of "Up and Down," or with his many collaborators throughout. Some moments
    aren't the best -- his duet with Jack Goldstein, "My Girl," stumbles a bit at the start -- but such killers as "Fell
    4 U" with Glasser and "Fathering/Mothering" with Anne Lise Frokedal showcase both his ear for vocal counterparts and
    his immediate, beautiful arrangements.

    Track Listing

    1. I Owe You This (Feat. Twin Shadow)
    2. Tell All Your Friends
    3. Fall 4 U (Feat. Glasser)
    4. My Girl (Feat. Jack Goldstein)
    5. Evening Surrender (Feat. El Perro Del Mar)
    6. Interlude
    7. Up and Down
    8. Young Hunger
    9. Fathering Mothering (Feat. Anne Lise Frokedal)
    10. My Life Is Complete (Feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)
    11. Manimals (Feat. Active Child)
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    just got around to listening to your link here MH....

    pleasant enough song, but i wouldnt buy an album based on it though

    Dani says there is a distinct Celine Dion feel to the female vocalist's vocals,she also thinks it sounds like sonething she has heard before???,cant picture it myself but maybe she is right...and who am i to disagree with my 'better half' LOL

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